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Astrojyotish provides detailed Horoscope by email . It contains following features :

BASIC DETAILS : Birth Time in Ghati, Sunrise, Sunset, Day-Duration, Bhayat,  Bhabhog, Balance of Dasha, Avakhada / Ghat Chakra, Lucky Day,  Stone, Color Etc, Samvat, Lunar Paksha, Lunar Tithi Etc.

DASHAS : Yogini, Kalchakra, Kalchakra Pratyanter, Ashtottari, Ashtottari   Pratyanter, Char Dasha, Vimshottari Dasha, Antar, Pratyanter &   Shooksham.

NADI ASTROLOGY : Lord and Sub Lords of Planets, Co-Ordinates of Planets, Niryana  Cusps Etc.

LAL KITAB : Lal Kitab Basic Details, Lal Kitab Friendship Details, Lal Kitab Dasha, Lal Kitab Teva, Lal Kitab Ancestral Curse, Lal Kitab Predictions of  all 12 Planets, Remedies, Yearly Chart Etc.

KALSARPA YOGA : Shows if the Horoscope is under the influence of Kalsarpa Yoga  along with its Effects on a Person's life and the Remedies to repel  the same.

YOGAS : Applicable yogas  in a Horoscope along with the Cause for the Formation  of the Yoga and its Effects on a Persons Life.

ANNUAL PREDICTIONS, PLANET ANALYSIS,  LIFE ANALYSIS  , (SATURN TRANSIT) SADE SAATI , Lal Kitab Predictions. Numerology Predictions. , Effects of Mars and its Details (Manglik Vichar). , Stone Remedies along with the Method of Adoption, Mantras and  also Recommendation of Gems according to the Problem.

Match Making :

Match Making is done on various parameters. And for various reasons like – longevity in Health, family happiness, Temperament , harmony, Well-being, Sexual compatibility, wealth, prosperity, Mutual regard and affection. Stability in married life, Afflictions and ego matches. .Astrojyotish provides match making report by email .

We provide special reports on :

  • Education
  • Profession
  • Marriage
  • Health & Diseases
  • Foreign Journey & Tours
  • Lucky Gemstones
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